10 Ways to Get the Most out of Business Travel

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Whether you travel somewhere new every week, or only travel a few times a year, traveling for work can be a nightmare. Many people arrive tired, work long hours, then spend their nights in a hotel bar, waiting for the trip to end. But those who know how to travel right can turn business travel into a great experience. So here are 10 tips on traveling for work to help get you out of that funk.

  1. Use a Packing Checklist – Nothing can start a trip off on the wrong foot worse than forgetting something important. If you have a checklist which you create in advance of packing, you’ll never forget what you need.


  1. Do Your Research – Whether going to a major city or a small town, look into what there is to do. Is there a city square you should see? A specific restaurant you want to try? If you wait until you are there, it will likely be too late, but if you plan ahead you can squeeze in some fun things to do.


  1. Use Public Transportation when Available – If you are traveling to a major city, taking a bus, subway, or train can be an opportunity to experience the city in ways you never can from a boardroom or bar.


  1. Get Your Work Done Early – You will likely have time in the morning before you need to leave the hotel that is dead time. It may be an hour, it may be two, but it is time that could be used to get emails sorted, projects reviewed, or other tasks completed. This way, you can actually enjoy the night.


  1. Schedule Meetings at Mealtimes – If you have any say in when you meet with clients or coworkers, try to do it at mealtimes. This will give you the opportunity to try out restaurants, see different parts of the city, and enjoy that meeting a little more.


  1. Go a Day Early – Or stay a day late. Either way, this gives you a day to explore without a hectic day of meetings.


  1. Get Out – If you are stuck in corporate meetings all day at a corporate building, then head back to the hotel to eat dinner, find other places to eat. If you have downtime one day, walk around the city, grab a cab and go to a tourist area, do something. You don’t want to be a world traveler who’s never really been anywhere.


  1. Network – If possible, find out about people in the city where you are traveling who you may want to meet. Try to schedule time to grab a lunch with them to expand your network. Someone who does your job in another town may be able to give you a new perspective on your job. Similarly, a big prospect may appreciate the personal touch of an in-person meeting.


  1. Travel More, Less – If you need to go to LA to meet a client, but also have several in San Francisco and San Diego you would like to meet with, think about adding a few more days onto the trip to hit each city. This will cut down on how much you travel overall and will allow you to see multiple cities at once.


  1. Use a Rewards Card for Everything – Book your hotel, flight, pay for food, and everything else with a rewards card. You will get a reimbursement from your company, but you’ll keep the points. It’s like a bonus for dealing with the travel.


The next time you travel for business, keep these tips in mind and try to enjoy yourself. If you have to go, you might as well get something out of it.

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